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"The attraction of snowboarding is the freedom it gives you. With a snowboard on your feet the sky is the limit. You can do anything and go anywhere. This is not just for pro riders. It is for everyone."

Jeremy Jones


Our approach

Friendly - Safe - Experienced - Fun

Arctic School lessons attitude is well knwon from their friendly vibe. You will make new friends, a lot of new friends. Beleive Us, sometimes you can even hang out with your instructor for a drink at the end of the day. Your safety is the number one on our list! We constantly ensuring that you're safe during the lessons so you can get on with learning and having fun. We've got thousands of teaching hours, huge snowboard riding experience. No matter what is your level or riding skills, you will learn from the best.

We want to make sure you are going to have a lot of fun and you will learn more than ever. So we make sure that our lessons are enjoyable, after all, snowboarding is all about having a good time!

About Us

Are we a skii instructors ? No way ..

We started our school project in January 2020 with 2 instructors. Since then, we increased number of instructors to 8. We deliver high quality, proffesional snowbard instruction. Age is not a limit! Currently we have got only two resorts but we are planning to open 3rd resort next winter! We would like to offer you private and group lessons!

Our story

We have been born to be a snowboarders. When we've been young we had little snowboard desks and mountains over our heads on bedroom celling. We live and breathe snowboarding. Each of us dedicated a sifnigicant portion of our lives to learn how to ride on snowbard. Our aim is to make sure that you will have a great time on snow while learning with our top instructors. We want to pass you all our knwoledge and teach you how to ride on snowboard. We want to show you that, it is possible to reach your limits and show you how to face your deepest fears. On snow you are totally ree..

No matter what your level is. We intend to make your experience with us safe and enjoyable. We want you to open your mind to the latest techniques which will change the way you ride the highest mountains.


Why our lessons ?

Our instructors will make sure that the exercise and terrain choice is ideal for your stage of learning.
Your Safety

Your safety is a number one on our priority list. We always looking after our students and we make sure they will be safe all the time during the lessons. We want you to have fun and focus on all snow activities with peacfull mind.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are the top instructors of the world. They spent whole life ridin on snowboard on all kind of slopes. They are here to teach you, so you can develope your snowboarding skills and to help you become a top class snowboarder.

Your Expectations

Our crew is here for you 24h/7 days a week to answer your queries. We are constantly changing. We are building new resorts, creating new lessons deals/offer to make it more affordable and fitted for you and your time.

Your Money

Because we all don't want to spend too much money on the things we love. That is why we adapt our offers and change prices to make them more affordable for you. We also have a promotional offers every month to make it even cheaper.

Booking time!

Don't waste time, book lessons today.

What is your level ?


I've never ride on a snowboard before or just from time to time. I want to learn starting from easy steps and low slopes.


I'm feeling good when riding on easy slopes, I know how to turn, but if it gets steep or narrow then I'm just give up.


I'm good on all slopes but I think I stuck and can't progress. I think I still missing something really important.


I can ride from top of mountain, I'm feelin like I'm flying when I'm riding downhill. I want to push my limits.